12 July 2008

staying afloat

i've decided that i'm going to quit saying, "things have to get better - they can't get any worse."

it's apparently just not true.

the bee moved out on thursday afternoon. again. i can't really pinpoint the exact reason except to say that it's sort of been building for awhile now. we've been falling into old routines and ruts and neither of us are happy with the path that we're on. i'm not sure how to change it or if it can be changed. and this makes me so sad, for so many reasons.

i'm sad because i love the bee very much. and i know that he loves me - i have no doubts about that. but apparently that's not enough.

i don't have a lot to say about this right now. i'm sort of meandering in shock mode. i hurt. my heart hurts.

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