21 July 2008

no nakey in the kitchen!

ugh. it's monday again.

pretty quiet weekend. the bee worked all weekend, i was home with the puddies for a lot of the time. i went shopping with mom on saturday, which is funny because you used to have to either sedate her or get her half crocked before she'd ever go shopping and now she's all, "i have to go here and here and here and i want to look at this..." it's just funny. we had a good time, in spite of the spoiled coffee creamer.

i've found this swimsuit i want but i can't bring myself to spend the money on it. even though it's not even a third of what i've been known to spend on swimsuits in the past. does this mean that i'm getting old and thrifty? maybe i just want to pay my bills more than i want to swim - because if i don't pay my rent, i'll no longer have free access to a pool. sometimes growing up sucks.

i sold my psp on ebay. for way less than i spent on it - it was a pretty frivolous purchase. so now i have to ship it to the land of oz. i hate international shipping; it's such a pain in the butt. forms and customs and 32$ for a three pound box, are you kidding me? the post office is a rip off. but i've complained about this before.

we have roofers on top of the apartment building today. it's making the puddies crazy. they're barking and whining up a storm. they're already in their "houses" for destroying yet another newspaper. rotten, rotten puddies. but it's supposed to rain all week so i hope these roofers move quickly. i'm going to be pissed if i end up with a leaky ceiling.

i love summertime thunderstorms. they started in last night about 1130, i was awake and couldn't get back to sleep. the lightning was great - it was so bright it felt like i'd left the light on, which could explain why i couldn't sleep. i have to have dead silence, with the exception of the fan and the fishtank, so really it's the furthest thing from silent. but for the most part it covers up the bee's snoring, which is getting awful again. sometimes i'd like to put a pillow over his face but then i think we'd have a bigger problem than just snoring. but since the pillow thing seems a little harsh, i like to wake him up and inform him that he's been snoring and that it's keeping me awake. because if i'm going to be awake i think he should be awake too - for crying out loud, it's his freaking fault. he tends to disagree with this theory, though, and it's been the source of many a late night tiff. not that he remembers any of it in the morning. which is probably why i continue to do it.

it's new phone month! woohoo! finally, i can get rid of this piece of shit motorola slvr that i've dealt with for the last year and a half. that was not a well-researched purchase, holy crap, that phone sucks. it butt dials (even when i think i have the keypad locked), it freezes up, the menu button fell off several months ago and now the keypad is completely falling off. however, i have nearly 100 ringtones on this phone that won't transfer to the new phone, so that's sad. but life will go on. it's time to retire the slvr for something shiny and new. :)

i've decided i hate voicemail. getting voicemail, leaving voicemail, checking voicemail. it's entirely too time consuming and nothing good ever comes out of it. so i'm done with it. i'm not going to check it anymore. voicemail is dead to me.

here is small list of things that are currently dead to me, for one reason or another.
  • the us postal service (they suck)
  • iceberg lettuce (gross)
  • my dishwasher (it's still leaking)
  • voicemail (i've already covered this)
  • green jello (for real, who eats this?)
  • white socks (boring!)
  • plato's closet (bastards)
  • gas prices (ugh)
  • my idiot paper carrier (always late or maybe my neighbor steals the paper)
  • people who congregate in the bathroom at work (gross)
  • most people at work (dumb)
  • work (sucks ass)
  • puddie poop (ewww...)
  • the puddie poop bag dispenser along the walking trail (always empty, boo)
  • roofers (it sounds like they're tearing the house down)

speaking of roofers, i have a skylight. and they're walking over it - they have been all morning. so i have to make a mental note to self: no nakey in the kitchen. not that i allow nakey in the kitchen anyway - i tend to think that nakey and food don't mix well, except for maybe a few select situations (hehehe...)

okay. i gots to shower, it's my one contribution to overall team happiness at work.

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