02 September 2007

let's slow things down to 60 minutes an hour...

blah, blah, blahbity, blah, blah, blah...

that pretty much covers lunch with the farm family. a lot of talk and i don't remember 90 percent of it. no, i guess it wasn't that bad, once you filter out all the crap and bull and blah, blah, blah... my dinner was awesome for being mediocre. they thought it was great, which they would, since they've never had it before, so even in its blatant mediocrity at best, they were still raving about its awesomeness. i thought it sucked, so i left all the leftovers there for them to enjoy. and then they get to wash the pan.

my mom thinks i'm hard on him. i think that any man that left his children to live 3,000 miles away while they're still in their developmental years is a crackpot and a man that moves back 10 years later expecting to slide back into the same relationships with his kids is an even bigger crackpot.

but it's not worth getting my panties wadded for. it was lunch and nothing more.

so i've been watching a lot of tv lately, what with my stints at the whippity dippity and all. and i have a serious issue with america's next top model. not an issue with it; an issue with watching too much of it. because its been running marathon style on mtv like everyday for the last i don't know how long, i have watched just about every season. but i can't seem to catch any of the episodes where they crown the top models. i can tell you who is NOT a top model but that's not nearly as fun. do you watch mtv? have you seen the commercials they show on mtv? they're all about texting and i'm all for texting and such, i text all the time. but there is currently a sweepstakes that can be entered via text where you have to answer one question: what is the capital of the united states? is it a) miami or b) washington d.c.? um, wtf? are people really that stupid? i know that watching a lot of america's next top model is fucking mind numbing but come on - is it that bad?

and speaking of texting, what is up with drunk texting lately? and why am i not a part of it? why is everyone else having all the fun and i am not? this is no fun. i woke up to a buttload of text messages this morning; i came back out to the car this afternoon to find a buttload more. where the fuck are these people and why am i not invited to this giant party? i'm a little insulted. lol... but i guess the texts are fun.

so i've heard that there is one heck of an opportunity coming up this weekend - one that i hope pans out. it's even on my 101/1,001 under fun things. woohoo! i'll know more about it this week.

i'm tired. i'm out. actually i'm going to go watch back to the future II. it's the shiznizzle.

peas out.

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