27 February 2009

i'm not gonna lie, this behavior is out of character.

would you say that desperation has set in? in my search for something, anything, to do to get out of the house and stop wallowing in my current situation - i have chosen to come to work.

pick your jaw up, i'm telling you the truth.

now i know what you're saying - superjanel, are you sick? yes, yes i am - i have an awful cold and cough, but that's not the reason. superjanel, have you gone mad? no, not really, no more than usual anyway.

folks, i'm just tired of staring at the same walls and pretending that sitting there doing nothing is going to make things better. long story short, it's not. and so i'm moving on, picking up what pieces i can pick up and attempting to make a bad situation better, at least for me and baby.

so here i am. i brought my cold and cough to work with the intention of infecting every person around me, except that it's friday night and there's hardly anyone here. so i may have to come back tomorrow...

but it's been a quiet week. have you ever heard me say that? i should say it again: it's been a quiet week. any drama that i've participated in has been largely self-created, because i don't see a certain someone else giving a rat's ass about me or this baby. but really - i've gone to work, i've gone home, i've walked the dog, i've eaten semi-healthy meals (except for the night i ate the entire frozen pizza), i've done all the laundry and kept the house clean - and i've had time to just sit back, relax and watch a lot of the weather channel.

i think it's good for me.

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