17 February 2009

bueller? bueller?

i went back to work today. it'd been a week since i'd been there. between being all infected and just plain forgetting to go one day, it's a wonder i still had a job. in spite of despising giant conglomerate bank, i was actually a little concerned that my job might be in jeopardy. but my badge worked and no one tried to wrestle me out the door or stop me from using the ice machine, so i must be okay. that said, giant conglomerate bank isn't very likely to tell you that you're screwing up until they're ready to fire you and even then it seems you don't even know that's happening until they tap you on the shoulder and say, "let's go talk in the quiet room."

i'm trying to keep a positive attitude about work by reminding myself on a daily basis (or an hourly basis if needed) that i only have 50 days of work left until baby brodie is due to arrive. i can handle 50 days of work... maybe.

other than do my portions at work, i didn't do a lot today. i transformed the bee's bathroom from a truck stop bathroom to a respectable looking bathroom and all for under $20. (i hate walmart but i love the clearance aisle. and it even matches the whorehouse red paint the landlord slapped on the walls; ugh.) when we moved into this place i asked the bee to go buy stuff for his bathroom. he came back with a 99-cent white shower curtain liner and a trash can and proclaimed he'd "decorated."

he's such a boy sometimes.

other than that, i guess i've really got nothing. things are good in the land of the janel and the bee, as good as normal, i guess. stuff is going on with other people in my life but nothing i really want to comment on here; i'm trying to remember that not all relationships involve me or my opinion. for someone that likes to talk as much as i like to talk, that can be hard to do. but i'm giving it my best effort and just trying to be supportive.

that's it, that's all i got. maybe i'll have something spectacular tomorrow. check back.

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