25 June 2008

stop staring at my man arm!

apparently i have excessive arm hair. i didn't realize this until two people in the last week pointed this out. my brother was one, nigel was the other. they both tried to pull tufts from my right arm, telling me that i may be unnaturally hairy and an arm-hair braid probably isn't the most subtle way to flaunt my "man arm."

well hell. must be time to lay off the testosterone lotion. or time to start putting it on both arms, that way i can have arm-hair braids on both arms, because that would definitely be more subtle than just one.

i'm just joking about all of that. (and now i'm going to be known as the girl that makes fun of people that have to take testosterone for whatever reason. gosh. i'm sorry, okay?) but in all seriousness, they did both comment on my arm hair, nigel even going as far to say that i have a "man arm" and now i'm all self conscious about it.
stop trying to look at my arm. i'm not going to show you. quit it.

the bee comes home tonight. woohoo! for real, we actually know he's coming home tonight, he's all packed and doesn't have any more hotel reservations or anything. yay me! yay him! yay pootie! yay puppy to be named! (which hopefully we get to pick up tomorrow afternoon.)

so i cleaned out the fridge this afternoon. that obviously hadn't been done in a while - i found a small lunchmeat revolution, about six pounds of rotten watermelon (which explained that really weird smell) and a lifetime supply of penicillin. i also found a whole wheel of gouda and a two-liter of cherry soda. woohoo!

is your refrigerator running?

i'm going to make swedish meatballs this weekend. YUM. do you know who swedish meatballs make me think of?

oh yes, i'm going there...

chickie in duh baskie! lololol....

so last night i went out with my two brothers and my lil' brother's wonderful girlfriend. they've been together for so long and i love her so much it almost doesn't feel right calling her a girlfriend, but it's a technicality, you know? but i had the best time ever with them. we ate dinner, had drinks, went to a movie and just laughed and laughed and laughed. they are good people, they have good hearts - i'm so proud of them and the people they've become. it's funny, the traits that we all share. i can't remember the last time that the three of us went to a movie - but we all sat down and within seconds of each other, we all put our feet up on the seats in front of us in the exact same manner. it was just uncanny. we all have the same warped sense of humor. and we all have very strong opinions, not necessarily the same opinion but very strong opinions on many different topics. i just really enjoyed the time i got to spend with them all.

oh i have things i *should* be doing. instead i'm sitting on the sofa, thinking about eating a frozen dinner (yum) and watching more of the weather channel (yay).

and no, i still won't show you my arm.

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