11 June 2008

nada. nothing. nil.

667. that's better. it's like tw0-thirds on the way to something, what, i don't know. but something.

i haven't written for a while, as you can see. i don't have internet at home and it's actually kind of nice, except for when i want to know something, like what a dog's body temperature is supposed to be or how far it is from here to rutledge, missouri. these are important things, people! and when the janel needs to know, that means the janel needs to know. but somehow i'm surviving. i like to tell people that i don't have internet at home because having internet at home means that i'm ignoring the bee and the puppy. however, the real reason is that i'm too cheap to pay my outstanding bill with the local telephone company. the former just sounds better though.

but that is about to change. come saturday afternoon, i should have internet at home again. woohoo!

let the blogging commence!

so it's wednesday, another soggy day here. it's rained nearly every day for i don't know how long. it even rains when they say it's not going to rain. i'm kicking myself for not taking shop class more seriously in the 7th grade; i have a feeling some of those tool-wielding skills would be useful when it comes time to build the ark that is going to be necessary here in a few more days. everywhere around me is flooding - they're even monitoring the interstate and the major intersection just south of my house. which leaves me wondering, how in the world will i get to the whippy dip tomorrow if they shut down the interstate?


i'm still employed with giant conglomeration bank, i don't mind it as much as i thought i would. there is some comfort with being a cog in the machine, you know? it makes me crazy to be micro-managed but i do find some consolation in that i really like my supervisor - if i'm going to be micro-managed, it'd better be by someone i can tolerate. so far so good.

i'm on vacation this week. LOL! two months on, one week off... i could get used to this. this was the week that the bee and i were going to go on vacation to tennessee, but the purchase of (and ongoing care for) the puppy as well as gas prices hovering at the 4$ mark have left me at home and him at work this week. oh well. vacation is overrated, right?

so i've been keeping busy by working at the whippy dip. i'd forgotten how much fun it is to sling ice cream all day to hoity toity pella-kins. but i do it because i like hanging out with my brother and the money helps. there's a new crew of ice cream slingers this season, most of them are bible-thumping ultra conservatives (what is it about ice cream that attracts this kind of person?!) and i find that i have to put away my sailor-mouth and sicko sense of humor to keep from offending them. which makes an 8-hour shift that much more entertaining. i have never had so many conversations about nothing in my entire life.

never mind that i'm currently boring you (and me) with my ramblings of absolutely no importance about absolutely nothing.

blah, blah, blah. i'm signing off.

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