27 June 2008

and then there were two

we now have two boxer puppies. kingsley and buddha. the bee wanted to name the new puppy buddha, i'm not sure why. i mean, he was raised baptist and when his grandparents call and make him go to church, they go to the baptist church. there is no mention of buddha there. he may not know what it means, he may be saying butter with an accent. i'm not sure. but whatever. we've effectively changed the dog's name from harley to buddha. and the dog doesn't seem to mind.

in fact, the new dog seems to mind very little. he's a very well behaved, well adjusted pup - with almost the exact same markings as kingsley. he's seven months old, several inches taller and weighs about the same - but he's grossly underweight. his ribs, his spine and his hip bones all show and instead of being anxious or sniffing his new home upon arrival - he went straight for his new food bowl and proceeded to eat two entire bowls of food. i wanted to cry. our new baby has been underfed and it looks like no one has cared for him in a while.

in spite of his physical appearance, he is actually quite strong and loves to play with kingsley. and kingsley, when he's not tired, loves having someone to play with. we have probably 200$ in toys in a basket on the floor (including my personal favorite, his rubber chicken "earlvis" ) and they go untouched. they wrestle and box and chew and chase and thump and carry on until they're too exhausted to move. and generally they're pretty good; i've only had to break out my nasty puppy mom voice once. and it scared the holy crap out of them.

which means i get to eat my human food in peace. or at least a little more peace than i was getting last week. which really isn't saying a lot. it just means that there's not a dog in my face as i'm trying to chew.

nope. now there's TWO dogs in my face, lol.

i'd post a picture of the two pups but right now it's just a blur of fawn fur, black masks, floppy lips, white paws and orange collars. maybe they'll fall asleep and i can get them then.

and maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt.
this means that for the next 10 to 12 years, my home will be destroyed. i needn't bother vacuum, dust, pick up doggie toys - i will live in doggie-created rubble. they're lucky they're so stinking cute.

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