18 June 2008

just another day on the cubicle farm

the word of the day is androgyny. the reason the word of the day is androgyny is because i work in a place where all the boys look like girls and all the girls look like boys. so when i walk into the (women's) restroom at giant conglomeration bank and it appears that i'm surrounded by men, i get a little freaked out. today, in fact, i was so freaked out that i walked back outside the bathroom to read the sign and make sure the stick figure outside the door was actually wearing a dress. (she was.)

don't believe me? here are some examples of some androgynous employees at giant conglomeration bank...

breasts be damned, this is flaming homo of a man. survey says: not to be found in the women's restroom, no matter how much he wants to be.

facial hair and all, this chick sits just a few rows over from me on the cubicle farm. survey says: no double takes, no shaving jokes in the bathroom if i want to avoid a harassment lawsuit.

for real, this chick has asked me about six times if i have a lighter, fully knowing *I DON'T SMOKE.* survey says: use the other bathroom when she's out and about to avoid being propositioned.

this dude is always running late and always dressing better than just about everyone in the building. survey says: stick figure on his bathroom door is NOT wearing a dress.

this one may actually be a girl. or a guy. it's name is pat. survey says: survey don't know. pat doesn't use the bathroom at work.

we can't figure out how this chick misses the moustache every day, but she does have great hair. survey says: don't pick a fight, she's a super freak.

this chick actually wears leather chaps on casual fridays. (i am so not kidding.) survey says: seen her in the bathroom, it's still a little weird.

oh god i love my job...

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