17 June 2008

i will not radiate false gayness

i finally bought new underpants last week. (i love new underpants, by the way. and i love the word underpants. but seriously, i would wear new underpants everyday of the week for the rest of my life if i could afford it. however, my lifestyle and my current career do not afford me this luxury.) i bought the cutest underpants - including one pair with rainbows on them, which i just love. but now i'm wearing them, thinking, "hmmm. are underpants with rainbows only for lesbians?" not that i plan on anyone (other than the bee) seeing my rainbow/lesbo underpants. but i don't like the idea of my grundies radiating false gayness. because that is just not cool.

why can't rainbows just be pretty and girly without the lesbian undertones, like they were when i was in 2nd grade? even though there were probably lesbian undertones even when i was in 2nd grade and i just didn't know it.

so i went back to work today and i was pleasantly surprised to find that my jerk-off coworkers actually didn't steal all my kleenex, which was really nice of them. however, they did stick me with the "pee" chair - the chair with a stain on it that looks like you've peed when you get up. not awesome, team. not awesome.

then i got home tonight to find the puppy just howling inside his kennel. our neighbors must just love us. who knows how long he's been carrying on like that? so we went for a really, really long walk to burn off some puppy energy but the only one that got tired is the janel. puppy is still running laps in the living room like a freaking madman.

i can't wait for the bee to get home. he is on doggie duty for like a month. when we talked this afternoon, he asked me to put the phone by the puppy's ear so he could talk to him - and the puppy went crazy. it was pretty sad, actually. until puppy decided that instead of listening to the bee, he'd rather chew on the phone. and now i can't get him to leave it alone. there is nothing that dog won't chew on. he discovered the toilet paper the other night - that was neat fun, especially neat fun to clean up.

oh, puppies are so much fun. :D

i have been chewed up by mosquitoes in the last few days. i have bites numbering in the double digits, which really sucks because i'm really allergic to them - they get all red and swollen and ooky looking. so i've been applying baking soda to them to suck the itchy stuff out, which means that there is baking soda all over the house. which sucks in of itself, but especially since i can't vacuum without the puppy going freaking ballistic. i don't know what it is about the vacuum but he can't deal with it. anytime i open the closet he freaks out. it doesn't even have to be running and he just freaks out. poor puppy.

poor me - i have a long life of dirty carpet ahead of me.

and with that, i'm going to bed. i gots to be at work at 7am, which means i've got to be awake at the ass crack of dawn. and the ass crack of dawn arrives awfully early.


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