02 March 2009

k-mart sucks, ray.

monday morning. again. wasn't it just monday morning a couple days ago? didn't we just have this day? this monday morning i'm back to work as a full-time employee at giant heartless conglomerate bank. i would be flat out lying to tell you that i'm looking forward to this change but i'm not dreading it as much as i have in the past. truth be told, i hate getting ready for work, i hate the idea of going to work. but once i'm there i pretty much zone out and do my thing and it's not so bad. well, it doesn't make me want to punch (most) people or run over things with my car, so i guess that's not so bad, right?

i went tv shopping with my momma yesterday; her tv went kaput in a major fashion. and because nothing is simple and because wal-mart sucks, she ended up spending more than she wanted to on her second choice of televisions. i really think wal-mart is all about the bait-and-switch scheme, for real - they have a wall full of nice flatscreen televisions at decent prices and when you ask for assistance, they're all, "nope we don't have that one, haven't had it forever, you're never gonna find it." well, didn't we just find it here, on your wall? but that doesn't matter because they're more than happy to show you this wonderful, slightly comparable television at a ridiculously higher price. but it does look nice in her living room.


you know, i've got all these things on my mind, things i want to talk about but i just don't feel comfortable putting out here. which is weird, because this is usually the only place where i can really let it all out. i don't know if i'm just not ready or if i just don't want to hear the reaction to my thoughts; i'm just confused on a lot of things. i guess i'm feeling a little pent up but i'm the one censoring my speech so i don't even have anyone to yell at about that. i don't know. i don't know what i want to say and it's making me crazy.

i'm going to go eat breakfast and take the dog outside, then get ready for work. maybe i'll be more talkative later.

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