04 June 2006

road to recovery...?

maybe? is it what i want? i don't know. he cried, i felt awful. it was not pretty at all. there's a reason dudes do not cry, they're just not fucking good at it. they shouldn't do it on a regular basis. chicks can pull it off with a certain grace, at least until the nose gets involved and snot starts pouring down your chin like water at the hoover dam (is this a god damn?). however, dudes and tears just do not mix and i'd be happy not to have to witness this phenomenon again any time soon. but it seems that we've found a similar path to follow for the time being, and that's kosher. i just hope it's paved and well traveled. i hate dirt roads.

vince vaughn is so fucking yummyso last night, we went to see the break up, which is kind of timely, considering that's where we were on thursday night. it's like i told rob this morning, it all sort of came to a head last thursday night. all that shit. all that had been stored up for so long. but back to the movie, and not even the point of the movie, but to vince vaughn. the man is arguably 76 to 79 inches tall, which i find incredibly attractive, since earache is a mere .5 inches taller than me barefoot. 76 inches. that would so rock my world. i dig tall guys and look at me. that's okay. the legend goes that those that are vertically challenged overcompensate in other areas of their life, and while some accomplish this by driving a corvette, i don't think this is earache's style. i can't vouch for this behavior though, at least not recently. (it's been for-fucking-ever.)

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