28 June 2006

♥ new baby ♥

look at this cutie pie... his name is hercules faustus mason... today he is seven weeks and two days old...


so i didn't go to ogg. i'm taking the time to bond with my new puppy. and i have a lot to list on ebay. and dad doesn't feel well, i can hear it in his voice. he sounds really tired. but its kind of nice to be at home, with nowhere to be and nothing really pressing to do. i'm really good at doing nothing.

so last week, i loaned jorge money. i felt bad, i know the kid doesn't have any, but truth be told, i didn't really have the funds to be loaning myself. i'm better off than he is, don't get me wrong, and i don't think he'd ask me unless he really needed it, he's never asked before. it was weird. i think i'll consider it a long term investment, becuase i don't think i'll get it back unless he wins the lottery. and there's still several months before he can legally play the lottery.

oh, hercules. he's such a doll. kittnen doesn't think much of the puppy, although he finds the new puppy food refreshing. it's kind of funny to watch our massive kitty get chased by a tiny puppy. hercules was almost a murphy, and then almost a hans, and then i almost liked quimby. but hercules is quite fitting. too cute. about five years ago i knew a little girl with a bichon named webster, she called him webby, and she was awful to him, but she had the biggest crush on earache. i tried to initiate a trade, but her mom and earache had qualms about it. i guess the mom paid like 1500$ for the dog, and earache wasn't too keen on spending life with a teenybopper.

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