08 June 2006

get it together

i'm participating in a neighbor's rummage sale this weekend. i'd rather be going to rummage sales this weekend than holding one myself. i hate this. people picking through my shit, asking me if they can have my christmas presents and mementos for 50 cents less than what's marked on the blazing orange tag. fuck no bitch. if i'd wanted you to have that teapot for 2.50$ instead of 3.00$, i would have fucking marked it that way, now wouldn't i? but i just smile and say, deal and we just go our merry ways, me with 2.50$ in my pocket and she with my christmas teapot. it's hardly a bargain for me. somehow though, when i'm at a rummage sale, it's okay for me to make such an offer and not be offensive or condescending. but i'm just not into it this time around. i think my neighbor is looking forward to kicking my ass this year, as i kicked her ass last year. i think i found her one competitive bone - winning at garage sales, and that cracks me up. ahh well. i get to play with her daughter and that's neat fun.

i have been so bored the last few days, i don't know what my problem is. i've been going to bed at 10p.m. and waking at 6a.m., which is not like me, and while i realize this is a good thing, i'm not really enjoying it much. it's rather pissing me off. if i could sleep later, i could stay up later, but alas, there is no sleep for me and then there is no conan for me. maybe it's because i'm out of one of my meds. i just thought of that. i should go get it. that might help. hmmm... anyway. last night was like the best south park episodes of all time. it was the paris hilton whore off and then the baseball playoffs episode. i love the paris hilton whore off. earache had not seen that one before and didn't believe me when i told him it was bad. it's bad. the pineapple, the whole deal. baaaaad.

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