13 June 2006

my own 12-step program

i'm editing the layout of my blog today. i'm removing the link that says, who links to me? it's a narcissistic link, and frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn who links to me and who doesn't. [i have so always wanted to say that. i think it would have sounded better if i could have said it out loud, but hey, it's my story. back off.] i'm considering removing the link that tells me how many people visit my blog, but honestly, i find that interesting, even though most of those people are me. narcissism must be a 12-step program. removing the 'who links to me' button is very low on the list. when i start making my rounds and apologizing you'll know i'm making progress.

don't expect that anytime soon.

work. so at work, i bid** a 1330-1900 shift. it's a lovely shift, one that i'm destined to work for the rest of my natural born life, i'm convinced. and that's fine. whatever. it's 5.5 hours a day, 7.5 hours a day with the commute, completely workable. i like my job. well, apparantly part time is the new full time, because i was one of the lucky ones to get my shift extended. and not by like 30 minutes or an hour. no. we're talking three fucking hours. so my leisurely 5.5 hour day, 7.5 with the commute is now 8.5, 10.5 with my drive. WTF? but i smile and nod and carry on. and under my breath i swear and complain, and then i come here and vent. my last two paychecks have sucked major ass, like jlo ass, what with the mumps and nonrev fees and all, so its a timely change, but i still like to complain. i'm sure that's one of the 12 steps i'm going to have to conquer at some point.

**i say bid with a voice tone dripping with sarcasm because i am second from the bottom on the bid list and i just think it's cool beans that i get a fucking choice in the matter. hmmm...line 8 or relief, whatever will i do? i'm so overwhelmed with all these choices... and you must know in the next 7.5 seconds? bid? hahahahahahaha....

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