06 June 2006

it could be a bad day

6.6.6. i'm not necessarily buying into it, but a lot of crackheads might. and those crackheads might be on airplanes today. hopefully not. hopefully those assholes stay home and keep their luggage with them. i don't want to have to deal with them today, i'm not in the mood for crazies. i'm sorry sir, i don't really care that your bag was demolished or that it looks as though we tied it behind the plane and dragged it from dfw. please just fuck off, wanker. heh. now that's customer service.

wanker. i still love that word.

yesterday i worked at mcc, it was a painfully slow day. i used to enjoy those days, now they just hurt. misty came in to see me. that was good, i haven't acutally talked to her in a long time. talked to her in person, i should say. we had a wicked snowball fight on saturday, i'm still laughing about that. who's that girl?

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