14 May 2009

i'm a fast learner

i've never had a better reason for not writing than i do at this very moment. it's not that i don't want to write, i've got all sorts of things to say - i just don't have the time. it's amazing how one little person can manipulate all my time, all the time. he's really good at it - and he's only 10 days old. imagine what lies ahead...

so in honor of brodie being 10 days old and me finding 17 minutes to myself where i'm not asleep or trying to be asleep, here's what i have learned in my first 10 days as mommy.
  • there is no such thing as "sleeping like a baby." babies don't sleep. they toss and turn and grunt and snort and fart and burp and moan and groan. or at least my baby does. it sounds like we're keeping a herd of piglets in the bassinette as opposed to our super adorable baby brodie.
  • babies may be cute but they can make some really ugly and funny faces.
  • you can't "sleep when baby sleeps" (i must have heard this about 50 trillion times over the last 10 months, for real!) if the baby doesn't sleep. and there are times when baby brodie doesn't sleep.
  • just because the diaper is full of poop doesn't mean that baby is necessarily done pooping.
  • babies will pick the most expensive and hardest to clean blanket in the room and then pee all over it. twice.
  • some babies are talented enough to pee in their own ear.
  • my son is very, very talented.
  • there is apparently nothing more monotonous to a baby than the weather channel. it puts him to sleep every time. :-) and when meteorology doesn't put him to sleep, and five hours of rocking and dancing and singing with mommy doesn't work either, just hand brodie to daddy - five minutes later they're both sound asleep.
  • licking napkins and wiping faces is apparently a genetic thing that can't be helped. it just happened, i swear!
  • bath time is no fun for baby brodie. but it's fun for mommy.
  • pooties love brodies. :D
  • suddenly every waking moment is an opportunity for a cute picture. i can't get enough pictures of a sleeping brodie, it's the cutest thing ever.

i'm sure there are many, many more - i just can't think of anymore right now. one thing have learned, and very quickly so, is that my brain is now mush. i shouldn't be allowed to make any sort of decisions, big or small, right now. i'm lucky i remember my own name.

and now i'm going to watch the office while the little guy sleeps. priorities, right?

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