10 January 2009

lucky for me, he LOVES snow

that was sarcasm.

but the bee does love him some snow. holy cow. we got like 5 inches at home overnight and i woke up this morning to quite a pleasant little winter wonderland. pleasant, if i didn't have to go out in it, i mean. but i have to work this morning and that means i have to get my no-tread tires out in the blizzard.

yay, fun.

so i ask the bee to get out of bed at a quarter to six and go start his truck so he can take me to work. i was expecting him to grunt and roll over and tell me to go back to sleep, it's saturday and what the hell am i thinking?

no such luck.

the bee was freaking gleeful my friends. he was happily taking the dog out and happily looking for snow scrapers and happily tracking through the drifts in front of the door.

i personally think he was just gleeful that i didn't pull my typical saturdays when i have to work and "accidentally" (i swear!) oversleep/forget to set the alarm/get sick/too tired/no clean underwear/the dog wants me to stay home stunt. but whatever.

so here i am, at work, on a saturday, and i was one of the first (and only!) ones here. apparently it was a great day for everyone else to call in because of the weather.

but lucky for me, the bee loves snow and we've got four-wheel drive.


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