23 January 2009

bustin' at the seams

no, literally.

i had to go buy a new bra today. the old ones just weren't cutting it anymore. i tried to get one last weekend at the maternity store, and silly me, i thought my regular (non-preggo) size at a maternity store would somehow be my size now.

as it turns out, those two numbers are not one and the same. in fact, i've gone from "just right" to "freaking obscene" and it's a little unnerving.

the one i bought today - i picked it out under the guise that i'd be returning it this weekend. there was no way this thing was going to fit, it's just not possible. when i put it in the cart, i was sure the checkout lady was going to mistake it for one of those green, eco-friendly shopping bags and try to put my gallon of milk in it.

apparently the preggo-boob fairy has other plans for me because that thing fit like a glove. a glove for giant preggo boobs. :(

and the one i bought last weekend? now i have a really nice maternity bra from the maternity store that i'll never wear - not because i don't want to wear it, it looks really comfy. i'll just never be able to wear it and not look like i have wrap-around back fat.

so even though i'm in an elastic waistband pant phase (which i may never leave, these are so comfortable!) i'll never ever be okay with wrap-around back fat.

and that's all i have to say about that.

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