28 February 2014

Peas and bananas... gross.

Two days in a row. Get up off the floor, fool!

Eating lunch with Tate at the moment. Well, he's eating. I'm not. He's scarfing down peas and bananas like it's nobody's business. Gross is an understatement. Watching Tate eat is actually a good appetite suppressant. I ought to market him as a diet tool. Even though most of it ends up in his lap he does get an "A" for effort. I will have to dock points for peas in his nose, though. That's just not cool.

It's the end of another term. (Yup, still in college.) I have a week off from classes and already, I'm bored. Nothing to stress me out, nothing to (not) read, nothing to procrastinate. I can't be made happy. I submitted my financial aid paperwork last week for next term and I think I may have emptied the financial aid bucket. If I read the information right, I will have reached the end of the government's generosity with regard to student loans. I never knew there was such a thing, honestly. But it makes sense. So my plan to never graduate, therefore never having to pay back my student loans, has been foiled. I guess I'm going to have to follow through on that moving to Fiji thing.


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