09 November 2010

Everybody say "Cheese!"

Ahh, the holidays are soon upon us. Trees and lights and cookies and turkeys and cards. Lots and lots of cards. I have a horrible time picking Christmas cards - mostly because I want to do a really nice photo Christmas card of our family and I can never get all of us, with clean clothes and clean teeth, in the same room as a capable adult with a camera. (And don't bother to point out that my camera has a timer; that also requires a capable adult.) I think photo Christmas cards and I think portraits. Boo to that.

I'm ordering from Shutterfly this year. I'll be using one of their totally informal, colorful and fun designs that matches our completely informal, colorful and fun lifestyle. (If you're reading through the lines, you know that for us, that means pajamas, jelly on our faces and funny weird, not really funny hahaha.)

For example, I kind of like this one:

I'd like it more if that were my family with an ocean breeze in our hair, riding horses in the clear blue water, but you know - I'll take what I can get.

I also like this one:

But I'm pretty sure I'm just jealous that this mom can get smiling, coordinated photos of her two active children. And check out how she got them to pretend that they like each other? Nice job, momma.

Maybe I'll just go with the old standard: you know, red and green and matching snowman sweaters, antlers on the dog. Anyone want to take our picture?

(Just so you're aware, I don't often dedicate posts to random companies for no good reason. I'm informing you about all the wonderful choices available at Shutterfly so I can get my grubby hands on some free Christmas cards. Woot!)

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