01 September 2009

Mmm, pencils.

It's September. September rings of school, football games, and fall foliage. If September had a smell, it would be of freshly sharpened pencils and brand new notebooks. I love the smell of school supplies. I like the feeling when you walk into an office supply store and you're confronted with the overwhelming scent of office supplies. My mom said I should have been a teacher, if only to smell the supplies at the beginning of the school year.

Anyway. Can you believe it's September already? Where has the year gone? I mean, I know where my time has been spent. How about yours? Did you do anything fun? Have you accomplished all your summertime goals?

For always complaining of boredom and having nothing to do, I actually had a semi-busy week. Last Friday I had a job interview; it didn't go so well and I don't expect them to be calling me anytime soon. It wasn't the interview itself that sucked, I was just a wreck. Earlier in the afternoon I'd laid my clothes out on the bed so I could get out of the shower and iron them. Well, Kingsley decided that he was going to take his pent-up anger out on the bed and pee all over everything, including the only even semi-professional outfit that currently fits me. I could have killed him but that would have only made me more late. So I broke out the B-team outfit, ironed it and rushed out the door. The interview was going great until I looked down about halfway through and noticed that I'd sweated completely through my shirt, like from shoulder to elbow - totally noticeable. GROSS. And apparently in my rush to get dressed and get out of the house I put my underwear on backwards and they rolled down under my butt cheeks, making me looking like I had a giant turd stretched from hip to hip. SWEET. And the cherry on this proverbial disaster of a sundae? My super-hot, knee-high business socks apparently lost all elasticity mid-interview and I had to stop in the hallway to hitch them up so I wouldn't trip over them. That wouldn't have been so bad except for the turd-roll under my butt cheeks that everyone saw when I bent over to hitch up my business socks. AWESOME. So I'm not going to sit around and wonder why this company isn't calling - I'm pretty much aware that I bombed that meet-and-greet.

Some days I wonder why I even bother...

This last weekend Libbeth and her family were in town. They had a family reunion to attend on Saturday and spent the rest of the weekend in Des Moines, so I got to see them on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It'd been almost 16 months since I've seen them - the kids are getting big and I finally got to meet (the newest) Baby Girl. And Libbeth and Ryan got to meet Mini Bee; they both said he looks older than he already is, which I don't see but I spend all day, every day with him. They feel like a second family to me - they've been there for me in great times and some of my most dismal times, too. It was wonderful to see them and I cried when they left but the Bee and I are talking about making a trip down to North Carolina later in the fall. I hope that happens.

My mom and step dad are separating. Sort of. They're moving to separate apartments, which is pretty much separating, except they're only six doors apart in the new building. Literally. So they're separating but they're going to be neighbors, which makes me giggle. And not because I don't understand the reasoning - I do get it - but it just sounds like a really bad television sitcom. But it's not my place to pass judgment. I hope they're happy and can either work it out or end it amicably. My idea of happy isn't everyone else's idea of happy and vice versa. Not that I even know what my own idea of happy is, most of the time.

But it's too late to get into that. I'm too tired for that conversation tonight.

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