29 December 2008

where's the tylenol?


it's over.

the holidays are done and moving is finished, sort of.

christmas was good. christmas was great. the bee and i spent christmas eve at my parents and christmas day with his family. and both events were wonderful. i love christmas. i felt incredibly guilty this year because a lack of funds kept us from buying a lot of presents and that's really the best part - watching people open gifts. but as usual, my mom outdid herself even though it wasn't really necessary and we had a really good time. even christmas day with the bee's family was good. his little sister is a real sweetheart and i'm getting to know his mom better.

we moved this weekend. with huge help from mark and craig and the bee's little sister (and his dad's big truck and trailer) we moved from a teenie-weenie one-bedroom apartment to a larger two-bedroom townhome. the biggest difference - the 16 stairs from floor to floor. i'm not complaining, the layout is great. but because i'm bullheaded and a little dumb when it comes to moving, i refused to stop even though my body was screaming for it last night. and so i unpacked and moved boxes and climbed stairs well into the evening until i really thought i might fall over from exhaustion.

and let me tell you - i'm paying for it this morning. i hurt in places i didn't know i had. it took nearly 10 minutes to get from the upstairs bedroom to the downstairs door just to walk the puppy.

oh, and the poor dog. poor little kingsley was so confused and so scared - he's never known any place other than our tiny little apartment and to see him come in for the first time, his little tail pointed down and his shoulders all hunched over was so, so sad. he was really frightened. he's since discovered that stairs are fun and so is dragging up the shoes from the entryway and throwing his toys down the stairs to run after them is his new favorite thing to do.

to be a dog. or at least, be my dog.

i don't have any picutres of the new place yet but i'll get them soon. i saw the camera not that long ago, i'm just not sure where.

later i have to figure out what kind of cake to make the bee for his birthday. i wonder if he has a favorite kind of cake. i'm thinking cupcakes but it's not really my day... he's 24 today. happy birthday to the bee. :-)

but for now i'm going to go back to bed. i just wanted to see if any of my neighbors had unsecured wireless networks - it looks like i may never have to pay for internet again! woohoo!

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