08 November 2008

i love sam's club

my recent cravings for convenience store nachos has gotten out of hand. so out of hand, in fact, that instead of making 3-4 trips a day to kum n' go or quik trip, i had the absolute brilliant idea of going to sam's club today so we could buy nacho cheese and chips and jalepenos in mass quantities.

and we did.

i could eat out of this container with a spoon. YUM.

and then we walked around and ate until we were both just about sick, because saturday is prime sample day at sam's. we had wings and shrimp and ham and egg rolls and hot pockets and juice - it was great. like a little mini buffet.

the ham was so good, in fact, we bought one and i'm going to make it for dinner tomorrow. ten pounds and i'll eat the whole thing myself.

wal-mart (ha! wal-mart - sam's club! hahaha...) loves sam's club. and nachos and ham and cinnamon rolls...

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