13 October 2008

as i promised...

some of the many photographs taken over our vacay... (i'm the cute one with the curly hair, hehehe...)
yup, that's me. i like this picture because my giant-in-real-life head looks crazy small.

et tu, brutus? caesar, doing his thing.

the bee. once again in parole stripes. i swear he owns more shirts than this.

look! i'm not a liar! a different shirt. all that we're lacking is robert loggia. and the piano lessons.

we're world travelers. we hit paris on the way back from vegas.

baby bump or too much bacon? i'm not telling.

the view from the hoover dam. it's NOT a god damn, btw. (sorry mom.)

look at those teeth! god i have beautiful teeth.

my favorite hotel (that i've never stayed at): the venetian. gorgeous.

venice. (as provided by the venetian.)

aww, aren't we cute?

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